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  • Lab Name: Multi-functional Soft Electronics Lab

    Multifunctional Optoelectronics and Flexible Electronics

    1. Printed Electronics (Printed single crystal silicon MOSFET& micro LED)

    2. Bio-Integrated devices for Bio-medical Applications, Optogenetics
    3. Wearable, skin electronics

    Nano-materials and Nanoprocesses

    1. Bio-inspired nanoscale sensors (or gecko lizard like Stooped nanohairs, Superhydrophobic (omniphobic) surface)

    2. Development of Nanopatterning fabrcated by soft lithography, nano-imprint lithography

    3. Wettability Control on Nano Strucutres (unidirectional wetting, micro fluidic channel)

    Selected Recent Publications

    1. D. Kang, P.V. Pikhitsa, Y.W. Choi, C. Lee, S.S. Shin, L. Piao, B. Park, K.-Y. Suh, Tae-il Kim*, M. Choi, "Ultransensitive mechanical crack-based sensor inspired by the spider sensory system", Nature 516: 222-226, 2014.


    2. Tae-il Kim, J.G. McCall, Y.H. Jung, X, Huang, E. R. Siuda, Y. Li, J. Song, Y.M. Song, H.A. Pao, R. -H. Kim, Lu, S. D. Lee, I.-S. Song, G.C. Shin, R. Al-Hassani, S. Kim, M.P. Tan, Y. Huang, F.G. Omenetto, John.A. Rogers, M.R. Bruchas, "Injectable cellular scale optoelectronics with applications for wireless optogenetics", Science 340: 211-216, 2013.


    3. Jordan McCall, Tae-il Kim, Gunchul Shin, Xian Huang, Yei Hwan Jung, Fiorenzo G. Omenetto, Micheal R Bruchas, John A. Rogers, "Fabrication of flexible, multimodal light emitting devices for wireless optogenetics", Nat. Protoc. 8 2413-242, 2013.


    4. Tae-il Kim, C. Pang, W. K. Bea, D.-S. Kang, S. M. Kim and K. Y. Suh, "Bioinspired Reversible Interlocker Using Regularly Arrayed High Aspect-Ratio Polymer Fibers", Adv. Mater. 24(4): 475-479, 2012. [selected as a front cover]


    5. Tae-il Kim, H.-J. Chung, H.-S.Kim, S. A. Wells, S. Jo, N. Ahmed, Y. H. Jung, S. M. Won, C. A. Bower, John. A. Rogers, “Fabrication of releasable single crystal silicon metal oxide field effect devices and their assembly on foreign substrates, Adv. Func. Mater. 21(16): 3029-3036, 2011. [selected as a front cover]


  • Taehyung Kim
  • Master student
  • PI: Tae-il Kim
  • Department of Chemical Engineering
  • esperanzas24gmail.com


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  • Taeyoung Park
  • Master student
  • PI: Minah Suh
  • Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • rovert59naver.com


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