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  • Sunyoung Chae
  • Ph.D Student
  • PI: Junghee Lee
  • Department of Health Sciences and Technology
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  • Lab Name: Cancer biology lab



    The DNA damage response (DDR) is essential for preserving genomic integrity in eukaryotes. At the start of the DDR network are the ATM and ATR kinases, which impose their regulation on multiple repair pathways via damage-induced phosphorylation. The overall goal of our laboratory is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying genomic instability and tumorigenesis using DNA damage signaling pathway. The maintenance of genomic integrity following DNA damage depends on the interaction of DNA repair with cell cycle checkpoint controls. The integrity of the DNA damage response pathway is crucial for the prevention of neoplastic transformation, as suggested by the fact that many proteins involved in these pathways are tumor suppressors including p53, ATM, Chk2, RAP80, BRCA1 and BRCA2. Our group has discovered and studied many new components involved in DNA damage pathways. Recently, our group also studied other areas of genomic instability, including mitotic regulation. Our lab is also studying a signal transduction pathway in brain.


    Selected Recent Publications

    1. Lee NS, Chung HJ, Kim HJ, Lee SY, JJi J, Seo Y, Han SH, Choi M, Yun M, Lee SG, Myung K, Kim Y, Kang HC, Kim H, Nature communication, 2015.


    2. Cho HJ, Oh YJ, Han SH, Chung HJ, Kim CH, Lee NS, Kim WJ, Choi JM, Kim H,"Cdk1 protein-mediated phosphorylation of receptor-associated protein 80 (RAP80) serine 677 modulates DNA damage-induced G2/M checkpoint and cell survival" J Biol Chem 8;288(6): 3768-76, 2013.


    3. Kim H, Lee JE, Shin ES, Yoo YK, Cho JH, Yun MH, Kim YH, Kim SK, Kim HJ, Jang TW, Kwak SM, Kim CS, Ryu JS, "Effect of BRCA1 haplotype on survival of non-small-cell lung cancer patients treated with platinum-based chemotherapy", J Clin Oncol 26(36): 5972-5979, 2008.


    4. Hongtae Kim, Jun Huang & Junjie Chen, "CCDC98 is a BRCA1-BRCT domain–binding protein involved in the DNA damage response", Nature structure& Molecular biology, 14: 710-715, 2007.


    5. Hongtae Kim, Junjie Chen* and Xiaochun Yu* (*To whom correspondence should be addressed), "Ubiquitin-binding protein mediates BRCA1-dependent DNA damage responses", Science 316 : 1202-1205, 2007.

  • Chaejeong Heo
  • Research Professor
  • Cellular Neuroscience, Neurogenesis, Neuro-imaging technology development, In vivo two-photon imaging
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  • Hyejin Jang
  • Master student
  • SKKU, School of Chemical Engineering
  • +82-31-299-4712
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