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  • Seungkyun Lee
  • Assistant Professor
  • Magnetic resonance physics and engineering, MRI neuroimaging methodology, Multi-modality imaging and clinical applications
  • Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • seungkyunskku.edu
  • http://www.seungkyunlee.com


  • Information

  • Magnetic Resonance Laboratory



    Modern high-field MRI provides unparalleled sensitivity and quantification accuracy for measurement of physical properties and processes of a living human body. In brain imaging, diffusion weighted imaging and quantitative susceptibility mapping are already widely used to map and measure water diffusion constant and magnetic susceptibility of grey and white matter, with a prospect of applying them as a quantitative biomarker for disease diagnosis. Our laboratory is interested in developing new methodologies for MRI to advance the magnetic resonance-based in-vivo physical property measurement and mapping. A strong emphasis is placed on solid understanding of the physics of MRI hardware and contrast generation, and translation of the research outcomes to clinical practices applied to local population.




    Selected Recent Publications

    1. S.-K. Lee, J.-B Mathieu, D. Graziani, J. Piel, E. Budesheim, E. Fiveland, C. J. Hardy, E. T. Tan, B. Amm, T. K.-F. Foo, M. A. Bernstein, J. Huston III, Y. Shu, J. F. Schenck, “Peripheral nerve stimulation properties of an asymmetric head-only gradient coil compatible with a high-channel-count receiver array”, Magn Res Med DOI:10.1002/mrm.26044, 2015.


    2. S.-K. Lee, S. Bulumulla, I. Hancu, “Theoretical investigation of random noise-limited signal-to-noise ratio in MR-based electrical properties tomography”, IEEE Trans Med Imaging 34: 2220-2232, 2015.


    3. S.-K. Lee, S. Bulumulla, F. Wiesinger, L. Sacolick, W. Sun, I. Hancu, “Tissue electrical property mapping from zero echo-time magnetic resonance imaging”, IEEE Trans Med Imaging 34: 542-550, 2015.


    4. K. Kim, S. Begus, H. Xia, S.-K. Lee, V. Jazbinsek, M. Romalis, “Multi-channel atomic magnetometer for magnetoencephalography: A configuration study”, Neuroimage 89: 143-151, 2014.


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