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Tutorial schedule for XRD measurements and applications

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  • 등록일2013-06-04
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Tutorials for XRD measurements and applications started from last Friday (May 31).
Please refer below detailed information.


1st session (May 31 Fri. 13:00-17:00)
[Basics of X-ray and x-ray powder diffraction]
- X-ray generation & characteristics.
- X-ray diffractometer & basic theory.
- X-ray powder diffraction & applications.

2nd session (Jun. 4 Tue. 13:00-17:00)
[Thin-film measurement & XRR]
- Theory and system configuration for thin-film measurement.
- Thin-film measurement & applications.
- X-ray reflectometry (XRR).

3rd session (Jun. 7 Fri. 13:00-17:00)
[High resolution XRD & in-plane measurement]
- Theory & system configuration for high resolution XRD.
- Applications of high resolution XRD.
- In-plane measurement (GIXRD).

4th session (Jun. 12 Tue. 13:00-17:00)
[Applications of Rigaku softwares & practices]
● Location: 85492
● Instrument: Rigaku SmartLab
● Instructor: Korea ITS Lee, Han Joon & Park, Se Jeong.
* Potential user who wants to use XRD system should register with your personal information (name, phone number,
research group) through email in advance and participate these tutorials.
** Tutorials will be performed in Korean.
*** If you have any questions about these programs, please contact Prof. Jae Yeol Hwang at jy.hwang@skku.edu or 031-299-6995.