IBS Institute for Basic Science

CINAP summer lecture course (by Prof. Dae Mann Kim) from July 1st 9:30 (85777)


There will be a special lecture (class) under the title

"Essentials of Application Intensive Quantum Mechanics"

given by Prof. Dae Mann Kim at KIAS (Korea Institute for Advanced Study).

The schedule is Monday, Wednesday 09:30-11:30(@85777) during this July 2013.

(i.e. July 1,3,8,10,15,17,24,29,31. Total 9 lectures.)

(It starts from July 1st. And July 22nd is going to be skipped due to the international

conference at Seminar Room)

All students should participate in all lecture series because it is surely a rare chance to
study seriously about Quantum mechanics and its application to our research topics.
(And Prof. Kim will try to adjust the level of the lectures depending on the student's reponse in the classroom. That means he will teach QM in your level !)

Attendance will be checked in every class at the front door, and Syllabus is attached.
If you have any question, please contact Prof. Dongseok Suh at energy.suh@skku.edu or

031-299-4051 anytime.

(Below we attach a link of his book which might cover some of topics in the lecture.)